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Paymode-X® Vendor Onboarding

Increasing the Strategic Value of AP Automation for Buyers and Suppliers

Bottomline’s proven vendor on-boarding process ensures that payers using the Paymode-X settlement network receive maximum value from their investment. Our time-tested approach makes the conversion to electronic processing as easy as possible for both payers and vendors.

To get started, a Bottomline on-boarding project manager works with you to define a custom outreach program. Together, we analyze your vendor list and select vendors that, once enrolled, will return the greatest benefit to you in the least amount of time.

Once the approach is determined, Bottomline helps you communicate to your vendor base about Paymode-X, how to enroll and the benefits they will receive.

Vendors self-enroll via an easy-to-use, secure online portal where Bottomline authenticates all membership account information to protect against fraudulent activity. Vendors can also use the portal to update their bank and specific account information anytime. For vendors who do not self-enroll, Bottomline executes a phone campaign to complete the process.

Most importantly, Bottomline looks at this works with you to continually evaluate your trading relationships and to enroll key vednors  during the life of your relationship with us. With a growing network of more than 250,000 companies, many of our payers benefit from Paymode-X on day one.

While we often find the program produces the greatest conversion success rate in the first 12–16 weeks (50–70 percent), Bottomline continues to enroll vendors on your behalf over the life of your relationship with us. 

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