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Organizations worldwide choose Paymode-X more than any other network to automate Vendor payments and achieve significant financial returns. Paymode-X makes migration from paper to electronic transactions fast, easy and cash flow positive. Customized Vendor onboarding services and an easy-to-implement cloud software model make it simple to convert to electronic payments.

Paymode-X offers significant benefits to you and your community of Vendors.

Payer Benefits Include:

  • Gain Efficiencies – Boost productivity when Paymode-X manages vendor onboarding, handles vendor inquiries and provides access to payment detail via the online portal
  • Realize Cost Savings – Streamline business processes by converting paper-based transactions to electronic, eliminating labor, postage and printing costs
  • Leverage Current Systems – Paymode-X works with your existing bank relationships and ERP systems
  • Strengthen Relationships – Deliver critical payment information to your trading partners in a timely manner, in a format that they choose
  • Support Sustainability – Remove paper from the payment process and reduce your carbon footprint

Vendor Benefits Include:

  • Access Cash Faster – No need to wait for a check to arrive in the mail and clear
  • Strengthen Relationships – Improved communication between trading partners
  • Control Cash Better – Better predictability of cash flow through advance notifications of payments
  • Strengthen Relationships – Deliver critical payment information to your trading partners in a timely manner, in a format that they choose
  • Realize Cost Savings – Eliminate check processing fees, overhead and delays to apply cash faster
  • Improved Visibility – Access unlimited electronic remittance detail in any format, plus payment history reports
  • Leverage the Network Effect – Paymode-X provides a single source of consistent remittance data and reporting across many customers

Accelerating Electronic Business Transactions
Automate the entire settlement process to lower costs and streamline business processes with Paymode-X®.

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“Value-added services such as onboarding Vendors and maintaining them in the Vendor masterfile helps us overcome a lack of internal resources. Further, the provision of information exchange among buyers and Vendors improves the payments and invoice reconciliation process."

Fay Deevy
Assistant Vice-President, Cash Management & Liquidity
Sun Life Financial.

Source: AFP® Payments Decision Guide to Business Commerce Portals

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