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WebSeries for Enterprises

A Global Payments & Cash Management Hub

WebSeries® is a scalable financial process automation platform optimized for organizations that rely on the secure and timely execution of payments as a critical component of their business. A fully browser-based solution, WebSeries enables organizations to centralize payments and cash reporting while increasing efficiency, visibility and control of their cash.

WebSeries offers the most comprehensive payments and reconciliation capabilities in the market.  It manages all enterprise payment needs by supporting a broad range of payment types, each with associated transaction reporting.  WebSeries is modular in design for the greatest possible flexibility, WebSeries offers ACH, wires, international payments (both real-time gross settlement and international ACH), as well as check production and lifecycle management. It also includes consolidated, multi-bank messaging and reporting capabilities.


  • Streamlined, personalized and easy-to-use user experience
  • Proactive management of multiple bank relationships and complex banking processes
  • Standard portfolio of transaction types for domestic and international payments
  • Support for all typical origination methods: free-form entry, templates, batch templates, repetitives, quick entry and file import
  • Bulk payment functionality tied to specific business needs: payroll, vendor payments, tax payments, account transfers and concentration, etc.
  • Extensive and flexible payment scheduler
  • Centralized control of print requests and issuance files for checks and official documents printed centrally and at remote sites
  • Advanced workflow and entitlements engine
  • Easy integration into a variety of host environments using WebSeries’ standard system adaptors
  • Automatic alerts triggered by specific business conditions (payments awaiting approval, payments rejected, etc.)
  • Extensive reporting for all user and payment types


  • Delivers better visibility across numerous accounts and data sources
  • Optimizes straight-through processing for lower cost transactions
  • Minimizes resources needed to deploy new products and services via extensive integration options
  • Drives increased productivity and efficiency

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Achieve new levels of efficiency, visibility, control and profitability with WebSeries for Enterprises, Bottomline's centralized global payments and cash management hub.

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