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153 million registrations in US Healthcare generate enough paper to circle the earth more than 15 times. That's why eCapture and eSignature, powered by Logical Ink®, makes it easy to transition away from paper forms and capture decision-critical, discrete data and documents using mobile tablets. Whether it's automating patient registration, collecting a bedside signature, or allowing a physician to take notes on a patient the way they're most comfortable, our solutions replace paper and simplify complexity. Information is delivered where it needs to be, when it needs to be there, for anyone - or any system - that requires it, without changes to your existing workflow. 

Why Mobile Data Capture?  

  1. Capture it once, deliver it anywhere. Improve the integrity of data captured and accelerate decisions by instantly sending validated information to any downstream system in the desired format.
  2. No more scanning or duplicate data entry. Dramatically decrease administrative costs and frustration associated with paper handling, scanning, and storage. And because all information is captured as discrete data, you can stop rekeying information captured on paper.
  3. Maximize patient confidence and engagement. Meet patient expectations for investments in new technologies that improve data security, while supporting their demands to spend more time with the doctor, and less time repetitively adding the same data to multiple paper forms.
  4. Improve EHR adoption with more satisfied clinicians. Provide caregivers with tools that work the way they do, and that help improve the efficiency of clinician-patient time, so they can focus on the patient instead of the documentation.
  5. Make it easier to complete the patient record. No matter how many different systems you use and how much change you face, get more from your existing investments with an EMR-agnostic data capture tool - and get healthy data into the patient record faster.

Because it's easy to use and simple to deploy, you can apply e-Capture and eSignature capabilities to any number of document or signature intensive processes in your organization. These include, but aren't limited to: 

  • Admissions
  • Informed consent
  • Anesthesia
  • Radiology
  • Clinical trials
  • Home health
  • Patient questionnaires and education
  • Progress notes
  • Discharge instructions 

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West Georgia Health Saves 7-8 Minutes Per Patient in Registration
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Learn how Alamance Regional Medical Center
saves 674 man-hours per year in patient registration.
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