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On-Demand Webinar: 5 Keys to a Great eSignature Implementation for McKesson Hospitals
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 Helping Providers Achieve Organizational Health.
Bottomline provides data-rich, context-aware solutions to streamline patient, revenue and financial processes. The result? Better patient outcomes, improved patient and clinician satisfaction, and increased operational efficiencies for Stage 1 and beyond.
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No industry faces more complexity, pressure, or challenges than healthcare. But in our experience, complex problems can have simple answers. That's why we deliver solutions that work the way people do, so they can spend more time focusing on patients and getting results - instead of feeling frustrated and distracted by technology. View our latest resources and learn how you can reduce costs, improve the patient experience, and simplify operational processes.    

90 second video: 'Healthy data drives better decisions. How do you capture it?'

White Paper: Mobile Data Capture and the Patient Experience 

Infographic: The Paper v.s. Data Problem in US Healthcare Registrations

eCapture and eSignature for the iPad®, powered by Logical Ink®, is now available in the App Store*.

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New Videos
Mobile Data Capture in Patient Access & Registration
Have the right patient forms ready and waiting at your finger tips. Capture patient information and validated admissions packets on any device - including iPad.
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Informed Consent: Replace Paper with Consumer Friendly Tablets
Make informed consents a more engaging experience for patients by embedding video. Help caregivers create clarity by taking photos and making annotations in any color. 
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Slashing Frustration in Registration Using Mobile Technology: Learn 5 Strategies in 30 Minutes 
Patient access and registration executives are under tremendous pressure to maintain high levels of speed and quality during the patient intake process. View this exciting, thirty-minute webinar and learn how mobile technology can help. 

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The Bottom-line is Real Results.
Learn how Bottomline customers are achieving results that enhance the patient experience, improve operational efficiences, and contribute to organizational health.

Asante Health enhanced patient and clinician safety, reduced costs and errors from manual processes, and improved patient experience with an accelerated patient registration process.

West Georgia Health saved an estimated 7-8 minutes per patient during registration with eCapture, powered by Logical Ink

Sutter Health achieved a 15-25% reduction in patient admission time and an increase of 3-6 hours of productivity time per clerk. 

Healthcare Forms ROI Calculator
Does an investment in forms automation
make dollars and sense for your hospital?

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