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The Largest and Fastest Growing Settlement Network

Each day you operate in the status quo of paper checks and traditional ACH payments, you lose money and efficiency. Making payments with Paymode-X®, the largest and fastest growing settlement network, blows the lid off a paper-based accounts payable process, bringing unprecedented efficiencies and cost savings.

Making Payments with Paymode-X

  • Radically improves AP efficiency
  • Helps you optimize working capital
  • Brings visibility to your cash position
  • Increases payment security and decreases risk of fraud
  • Reduces costs significantly
  • Allows control over payment timing
  • Improves relationships with suppliers
  • Lightens the load on IT with Software-as-a-Service model

Vendors enjoy a streamlined receivables process and greater visibility to cash by accepting Paymode-X payments. Receiving payments through the largest and fastest growing settlement network lets you

  • Increase the predictability of cash flow
  • Receive exactly the kind of electronic remittance you need
  • Access robust reporting

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Accelerating Electronic Business Transactions

Automate the entire settlement process to lower costs and streamline business processes with Paymode-X®.

Research Report

NEW - ePayables 2013: AP's New Dawn
This independent research report seeks to present a comprehensive, industry-wide view into what is happening in the world of accounts payable today by drawing on the experience, performance, and perspective of more than 245 AP and finance professionals. Written by Ardent Partners and underwritten by Bottomline Technologies.
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White Paper

NEW - Taking Electronic Payments to the Next Level
B2B electronic payments are moving into the mainstream increasingly fast. In this white paper we'll tell you why, what the trending developments are, and give you best-in-class advice about how to overcome the challenges and reap the benefits of implementing electronic payments.
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