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Transform AP for Microsoft® SharePoint

Invoice Management that Supports Existing Infrastructure Investments

For too many organizations, Accounts Payable remains challenged by inefficient processes and a blizzard of paper-based invoices that limit the speed, accuracy and compliance controls critical to successful payables management. Transform AP for Microsoft SharePoint, Bottomline’s invoice processing solution powered by SharePoint, delivers against these challenges and more.

With functionality for capturing incoming supplier invoice data, Transform AP integrates with virtually any ERP to enable PO matching and validation, as well as the routing of non-PO based invoices to the appropriate personnel for G/L coding and approval. Throughout these processes, Transform AP allows for complete online review of all invoices, as well as the ability to generate reports reflecting invoice status and staff productivity.

Transform AP has been uniquely designed to leverage the document management strengths of the SharePoint platform, including the ability for both finance staff and non-finance approvers and coders to view invoice details via a standard Web browser. This processing flexibility supports a company’s existing SharePoint investments and helps to maintain a lower cost of ownership by eliminating the need to purchase incremental ERP licenses for each coder and/or approver.

Organizations can also realize improved invoice visibility and accelerated processing cycles, as well as greater enforcement of financial and legal compliance regulations with a fully auditable record of each invoice, including the ability to view related documents both inside and outside the ERP.

Integrated Communication via Universal ERP Connector
Organizations standardized on any ERP can take advantage of the universal integration that allows for:

  • Accurate retrieval of company, vendor, G/L account, and PO information from ERP data
  • Automated invoice transaction creation and batching in xml or database output formats
  • Accurate visual matching of PO line data from the ERP
  • Ability to update invoice payment detail once payments are issued

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Leverage existing SharePoint infrastructure to reduce total cost of ownership
  • Integrate with any ERP for accurate retrieval of G/L and PO data
  • Sophisticated OCR capabilities to capture and validate invoice detail
  • Automated matching of PO-based invoices
  • Configurable approval workflow based on your business rules, including mobile approvals
  • Standard reports for real-time visibility
  • Storage of related documents for 360-degree view of each transaction
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