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Design Professional-Looking Financial Documents from ERP Output

Business documents are more than just paper. To customers and partners it is the face of an organization. That's why the appearance, content and personalization of ERP-generated business documents are so important. Maintaining a seamless look and feel throughout the corporation can be difficult as expensive, pre-printed invoices, statements, checks and other documents can be outdated before they are ever printed.

Design professional, custom documents with ease using Bottomline's Create!form® document output management product suite. Create!form works with output from existing applications and reformats documents without any programming changes. Using a WYSIWYG "drag and drop" process, add logos, graphics, bar codes, signatures, colors, fonts and conditional logic to any business document. The intuitive graphical design interface allows nearly anyone in the organization, even non-IT staff, to design forms giving control to those who understand the document best.

Create!form's Subform and Variable Subform technology can be employed to dynamically link frequently used information such as logos, addresses or signatures to any number of master forms. When the time comes to change the company's address, fax number or logo, simply update the shared Subform and all linked Create!form output is instantly updated. This technology, along with the ability to print documents on plain paper, minimizes the amount of and costs associated with eliminating outdated documents.

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Bottomline's Create!form product suite optimizes ERP output for accelerated document processing, automated delivery and digital archiving without custom programming.
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